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Sunday, December 13, 2009Y
was sick these few days & didn't have the energy to go work.
but now I'm feeling slightly better ..
will be starting work when I'm fully recovered ..
I don't wanna work with a weak body ..
makes me feel so uncomfortable ..
don't know what to update ..
I don't really care actually ..
my blog is already dead anyway ..
haha ..
I just update because I got nothing to do ..
so update to kill a little time ..
gonna end here ..
goodbye !!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009Y
dead dead dead ..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009Y
hmm ..
haha !
super long never update ler ..
hopefully still got people will passby ..
hahas ..
if pass by , please tag XD
hmm ..
today went Marina Barrage with Jacqueline & yizhen ..
Dion joined in too ..
hahas ..
had fun playing with the water XD
took a few pictures , but all in Yizhen's or Jac's hp ..
after playing water , when to change clothes ..
then went up to the roof garden to slack ..
so shiok ..
watch alittle of sunset ..
ate tib bits too ..
then went to bishan to eat yoshinoya ..
then send dion home ..
his mummy saw me , then ask me to go to HK cafe to look for georgina ..
so went to look for her ..
she just pass her driving licence ..
so send me home ..
after that , something happen ..
son't want to talk much about it ..
its kinda private ..
alright , I'll end here ..
goodbyes !!

Monday, October 26, 2009Y
its been quite sometime since I last updated XD
was working .. after work was really tired ..
don't even have a energy to use the computer ..
& since today I'm off , so decided to update alittle ..
today went out with Dion ..
he followed me to Orchard , cause I wanted to change my spec ..
plus I also got a $100 discount voucher XD
didn't want to waste it ..
so use it to get myself a new spec ..
spent a lot of time trying specs ...
finally decided on which one I want ..
so bought it .. actual price is $168 ..
use the voucher ..
only paid for $68 !
hahas !
after that , went to bishan to find the headset that I wanted ..
found it at the popular ..
but scared that it's expensive ..
so went to AMK to buy ..
it cost $38 ..
asked the salesman if the price could be lower ..
in the end , he only lower by $3 only ..
paid for $35
aiyah .. at least I bough something I like ..
didn't want to use mummy's money ..
so took the money that I earn ..
after buying , jiu go home ler ..
tomorrow working at 12pm ..
don't know what time then will end ..
hopefully won't too late bahh ...
hmm ..
alright ..
I'll end here for today .. will update some other day ..
byebye !

Thursday, October 8, 2009Y
today had Maths paper 2 ..
hmm .. alot of people says it is very hard ..
luckily I manage to finish it ..
paper 1 I can't finish lorhh !
after maths paper 2 , went to Mcdonald ..
wait for lunch menu to start ..
bought Mega Mcspicy ..
OMG .. I'm really getting fatter ..
got to go train again soon !
was studying at Mcd ..
studying Geography on development & river ..
about 1+pm left Mcd ,& went to school ..
flipped open the paper , looked at the question ..
it didn't came out any topic that I've learn !
the topic that I thot would come out didn't ..
but the topic that I thot wouldn't come out did !
freak ..
I was at there thinking ...
how the fuck am I gonna do ?!
so I did the question as if I'm putting bomb around !
omfg !!!
I got a very high feeling that I'm really gonna fail for my Ns ..
haiis !
lucky there is no school tomorrow ..
at least I could rest my tiny brain !
alright .. I'm gonna end here !
I'll update other day ..
goodbyes !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009Y
today is math paper ..
I'm so scared ..
I'm so scared I'm gonna flunk for my math :(
it's quite hard ..
some question I don't know ..
maybe is because of not studying enough ..
because I find myself slacking alot ..
somehow even if I study , I find it hard to enter my tiny brain ..
is it there are too many distraction in my life ?
or am I thinking alot of things that makes studying hard for me ??
after paper , left school with Jonathan & Weihsing ..
when we were walking to YioChuKang MRT , Kahhui ran towards us ..
shout "xiao gou! byebye!"
so Weihsing replied "byebye"
then Kahhui walk to him & start pushing ..
I only tried to seperate both of them ..
but failed !
in the end , Weihsing got a punch by him ..
then Acus also rush in & push Weihsing ..
but we pull Weihsing & walk away ..
I both sides are my friends ..
really don't want anything to happen to both of them ..
so we walk to the MRT ..
went to Cityhall ..
Jonathan wants to interview for the same job as me ..
so we went to interview ..
Delia's friend(XiaoLing), Delia & Fiona was there too ..
they went to take pay or something ..
went we reach Mandrian Orential Hotel ,
Delia asked me & Weihsing to wait in the changing room ..
inside got "gym" larhh !
shiok !
next time reach there early , then go gym XD
hahas !
after Jonathan's interview , we went to KFC & eat..
then we home ler ..
alright ..
that all for today ..
I'll update some other day !
goodbyes !!

Sunday, October 4, 2009Y
I'm back !
alright ..
last night Dion stayed over at my house ..
we went to temple ..
Dion's father went to pray , then we just followed ..
after that , we went out to eat ..
then went home ..
today woke up at 1pm+
Dad bought chicken rice home !
me & Dion went to eat ..
not so nice ..
still feels that Dad's chicken rice is the best !
after eating , went back to room ..
Dion was using the computer , downloading games for HP..
hahas ..
alot of game all damn boring larhh ..
download & then tried ...
after that , jiu delete away ..
haha !
about 7plus went to have dinner ..
then watched T.V
somehow , time flys so fast ..
with a blink of an eye , the time was already 9plus ..
Dion went back to use the computer & again download games ..
he downloaded Pokemon ..
hahas ..
it's kinda bored also , but at least better then other ..
haha !
didn't delete it ..
so that next time if I'm bored , at least can play the Pokemon to kill time ..
it 1230am now !!
in a few more hours I'll be having my Nlevels , & I'm not prepared !
have to ling shi bao fuo jiao ...
hahas ! don't know whether my han yu ping yin is correct or not ..
haha !
okkay ..
I'll stop here ..
got to go study now !!
goodbyes ~
wish me luck alright !

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